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Note: Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

WOW Classic Power Leveling

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WoW Classic US Fast and Safe Power Leveling 1-60(1

  • 1. Your WoW-Classic-US character will reach to Level 60 in 13 days.
  • 2. This promotions is just for WoW-Classic-US server.
  • 3. You need to provide your account.
  • 4. ETA: 13 Days.
  • Price:$ 388.80 USD
  • Estimated Time: 13 Days
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WOW Classic Power Leveling

Frequently Asked Questions

How the service works?

-For a order as power leveling, we need to fully access to your account. Please be sure to fill in your correct Account Name and Password information when you place an order of WoW Classic Power Leveling, so that we can log in your account easily.
-A important notice: Before start the power leveling, please be sure you linked the game account on the blizz mobile application. We will need a random password when access to the account at the first time. This random code will not be asked again until the order completed.
-During the service, we will share you the updates from the booster, and you can also ask questions. After completion, we remind you to change your password.

Is it safe? Why should I trust you?

We can be trusted because:
- We are doing serious business - being unfair is not profitable in the long term perspective at all.
- Our investors are large venture funds - we value our own and their reputation.
- We spend hundreds of thousands on Google AdWords and other marketing channels - it is nonsense to deceive customers you spent money to meet.
100% manual leveling service, no machines or cheats using.
We have:
- Friendly refund policy - we provide 48 hours to get your money back, if something went wrong.
- Status update - update you the full progress of the powerleveling, from the beginning to the end.
- Strict Security Policy - for each order we use a unique VPN, delete your account data after completion, don’t pass the information to third parties. It is broadly speaking.
- Fair Play Philosophy - our boosters work full time with signed contracts, they are professionals and motivated to play fair.
- Experience and reputation - 10 years experience of game services and over 50000 customers.

How long will it take to complete an order? Estimation time?

It depends on:
- Order type
- Your own progress
- Boosters availability
- Your playing time
We are doing professional power leveling for WOW classic, we listed all the planned time on each items so that you will have a clearly preview of the service time. Sometimes the execution depends on how hard the item can get and the level you want to reach. We always announce in advance the planned time and draw up a schedule. Our feature is to pick up boosters with the different time zone. You sleep - we do our work!

Can I track my order execution? Is it free?

- You can watch your real-time order completion, from the beginning to the end, just contact us via email, live chat and skype, our support team will share you the updates of your order.
- It is free.

I don't want anyone to know that I use the power leveling service! What about your privacy policy?

- We can make your order in “stealth-mode”, so you will be offline for all of your friends.
- We use VPN and time when you’re usually offline (for example at night).
- Needless to say that we’ll complete orders ASAP, without additional risks.

Can I play during the service?

Depends on the order.
Most offers contain self-play or play-with-the-pro options.
If you want your order to be done ASAP, then better let pro-player take your account.
If you want to play as usual - it’s no problem. But be sure to let us know the time you want to play, our team will not bother you, and complete your order when you’re offline. And also, come back to us when you logged out of the account.

What about your boosters and contractors? Who they are?

We offer lots of options:
We’ve got around 100+ pro-players in our team from around the world. They are professional team players, players who have achieved "almost everything" in a particular game. Many of them are members of famous top clans, winners of tournaments and championships.
Feel free to contact us, if you want to get some specific information about the boosters.

Rvgm.com provides World of Warcraft Classic Power leveling service; we aim at helping people who have hard time to leveling their characters or grinding levels. We make the promise that our WOW Classic Boosting service is secure and reliable. All the service is manually done. In the process of the boosting, we absolutely will not enter the other characters in your account, use any of your, or abuse your equipment! Or the items, gold obtained from our Power Leveling service will be kept in your inventory as well. Buy Safe World of Warcraft Classic Boosting now, and enjoy the best price ever!

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