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WoW Classic Guide: How to Leatherworking leveling 1-300

Leatherworking is a very useful function in WoW Classic and you can use it in several classes, especially Hunter, Druid, and Thief. But it only works in the 1-300 range. Before doing this, you need to know the materials to collect and whether to grind or buy them. This may consume a lot of your time and energy, but you can choose to learn about WOW Classic Power Leveling to speed up your game progress saving you precious time.
Complete Guide to WoW Classic Leatherworking 1-300
1. Apprentice (1-75)
For the first steps of Leatherworking, you won't need too many materials and you will be comfortable playing at this stage.
Alliance Trainers: Randal Worth (Stormwind, Old Town): 67.8,49.4, Telonis (Darnassus, Craftsman’s Terrace): 64.6, 21.6, Adele Fielder (Elwynn Forest): 46.4, 62.2
Horde Trainers: Arthur More, Karolek, Una.
Production items: Light Armor Kit (1-45), Cured Light Hide (45-55), Embossed Leather Gloves (55-75)
The materials needed to make it are Light Leather x104, Light Hide x10, Salt x10, and Coarse Thread x10.
2. Journeyman (75-150)
Having carried out this stage, you need to return to the Capital City for the next step in your training. Leatherworking is a very lucrative profession in WoW Classic, it is one of the most lucrative professions in the retail servers so you need to make sure the materials are accurate.

Production items: Embossed Leather Gloves (75-100)Cured Medium Hide (100-120)Fine Leather Belt (120-135) (Dark Leather Boots if you’ve made 15 Fine Leather Belts but aren’t 135 yet)Dark Leather Belt (135-150)
You need to try out the following materials to make sure you reach your goals: You will need to try the following materials to ensure you reach your goal: Light Leather x165, Medium Hide x20, Coarse Thread x80, Fine Thread x30, Gray Dye x15, Salt x20, Fine Leather Belt (made during crafting) x15, Cured Medium Hide (made during crafting) x15.
3. Expert (150-225)
Alliance Trainer
Telonis (Darnassus, Craftsmen’s Terrace): (64.6, 21.6)
Horde Trainer
Una (Thunder Bluff): (41.8, 42.6)
Production items: Cured Heavy Hide (150-160), Heavy Armor Kit (160-180), Barbaric Shoulders (180-190), Dusky Bracers (190-205), Nightscape Headband (205-225)
At this stage, the materials you need will increase dramatically, and you will need: Heavy Leather x420, Thick Leather x100, Heavy Hide x10, Fine Thread x40, Silken Thread x70, Salt x30, Black Dye x15, Cured Heavy Hide (made during crafting) x10.
4. Artisan (225-300)
Alliance trainer
Drakk Stonehand (The Hinterlands, Aerie Peak): (13.4, 43.4)
Horde Trainer
Hahrana Ironhide (Feralas, Camp Mojache): (74.4, 43.0)
This is the last stage of WoW Classic SOD Leatherworking, and since there is no cap on Stage 3, players don't need to do a specific grind in Stage 4. Here's what you need to know about the equipment that needs to be made.
225-235: Nightscape Headband
235-250: Nightscape Pants
250-260: Nightscape Boots
260-280: Wicked Leather Gauntlets
280-300: Wicked Leather Headband
If a player has these extras and doesn't put them on the auction house for sale, you can send them to a replacement if you have an enchanter. This way they can become enchanting materials, but in the last stage you need to collect quite a lot of them: Thick Leather x420, Rugged Leather x400, Silken Thread x80, Heavy Silken Thread x20, Rune Thread x40, Black Dye x40.
From the above material we understand How to Leatherworking leveling 1-300, which requires us to spend a lot of time to organizing and collecting the material, which is a very arduous process, but you can choose Buy Cheap World of Warcraft Classic Boosting Service, which can greatly improve your efficiency.
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