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Madden 23 Best Defensive Playbook: How to Select the Best Defensive Playbook For Your Team

If you are interested in playing Madden 23 Ultimate Team, you will know the importance of playbook for the team. A good offensive or defensive playbook will help you control the pace of the match and lead to victory in the end. So, this article will list some good defensive playbooks for you to build the good defensive team in MUT 23. Players can use MUT 23 Coins to purchase essential gear or items for your team in the game. 
New England Patriots Playbook
With Belichick being a defensive mind first and foremost, the Patriots’ defensive playbook is an even safer bet than their offensive playbook.
The Patriots’ defensive playbook is extremely versatile, containing every common formation you may need to stop an offense in their tracks. Whether its 3-4 and 4-3 on early run downs, or nickel and dime for later passing downs, the Patriots playbook has a wide array of plays available in each formation for you to keep your opponent’s offense guessing.
For a versatile playbook that you can be confident holds a play for any situation, look no further than the GOAT and the New England Patriot’s defensive playbook.
Alternate 46 Playbook
The 46 Alternative playbook has been one of the best defensive playbooks in recent years, and it appears to continue that tradition in Madden 23. This one still features Big Nickel and 3-3-5 Cub options, the latter of which is the new name for 3-3-5 Wide from Madden 22.
Pittsburgh Steelers Playbook
Pittsburgh, as has been the case for literally decades, once again boasts a stout defense. This is another defense that is led by stars at each level of the defense with outside linebacker.
Str Eagle Slant 3 is a zone blitz that sends an extra attacker to the opposite side of most quarterback’s throwing arm, giving you a huge shot should you get free. It covers each area well, and even short completions to the flat should be sniffed out quickly. Mike Scrape 3 Press is a similar zone blitz, but the zones are tweaked and the attacker is sent from the other side. 1 Hole Press is a man defense with a cover 1, though the middle zone is covered by a backer.
Chicago Bears Playbook
There’s the Chicago Bears defensive playbook. Which also has some fairly balanced formations available but shows a particular strength defending against the run. With options like Dime 1-4-6, 3-3-5 Wide, 3-3-5 Will and Even 6-1, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish using the Bears’ playbook. Above all else, it guarantees that the other team will think twice before putting the ball on the ground.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Playbook
Now we are at the number two playbook Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you are not picking it for your base defense. You do have 3-4 Bear and Cub that is kind of like a 3-4 Odd, but a little bit more spread out. What makes the playbook standout is the Nickel formation, you have Nickel 3-3 Cub, 2-4 DBL MUG, you can expect it in Madden 23, and 2-4-5 Odd, this is something that a lot of people used in the past couple years. It was good as it holds up against the run and it can really box the pass. You also have two good Dime formations, you have 2-3 Will and 1-4. This is another good playbook to help you stop heavy passers.
If you want to set best defensive playbook for your ultimate team in Madden 23, you can try to use the list of these playbooks. You can also Buy Madden 23 Coins to find good players from the Transfer Market and build the best team in MUT 23.
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