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R6 Credits

R6 Credits
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●Rainbow Six Siege:professional R6 credits Online store. 
 Server/Platform: PC
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● Please turn off the Google Authenticator and 2-step verification, Click there to see how
● Operator Bundle:Contains all available ordinary operators up to now (include the operators you already have )
Due to the changes in game rules, if we failed recharge once, your order needs to wait a few days until we try the next time.
If you were kicked off from the game while online,  do not login back immediately and please wait 30 minutes to re-login.
We will note your order as complete if you keep kicking us off while we working on your order! Please be careful! 

●Dear customers: We received many reports from you about the problem of delivery and prices, we have now sped up our delivery and lower prices for you.  
It is already the best price we have (Zero percent profit)! Thanks for your long-term support! :) 
Please check our delivery notifications on the page below. Or you may not get credits successfully, please be careful!
  • 1 Credits1 Credits

    R6 Credits PC 1 Credits

    1.00 USD

  • 1200 Credits1200 Credits

    R6 Credits PC 1200 Credits

    3.97 USD

  • 2400 Credits2400 Credits

    R6 Credits PC 2400 Credits

    7.86 USD

  • 3600 Credits3600 Credits

    R6 Credits PC 3600 Credits

    11.44 USD

  • Year 4 Pass CreditsYear 4 Pass Credits

    R6 Credits PC Year 4 Pass Credits

    19.91 USD

  • New R6 Account (Starter Edition) With 16000 CreditsNew R6 Account (Starter Edition) With 16000 Credits

    R6 Credits PC New R6 Account (Starter Edition) With 16000 Credits

    26.88 USD

  • New R6 Account (Starter Edition) With 48000 CreditsNew R6 Account (Starter Edition) With 48000 Credits

    R6 Credits PC New R6 Account (Starter Edition) With 48000 Credits

    69.71 USD

  • R6 Credits

    Important notice Before purchase:  Please read it carefully, or you may not receive credits successfully!
    1. If you want to purchase credits (especially more than 16000 credits), please make sure you didn't purchase anything from Ubisoft store during last 10 Days( Even click on any in-game purchase ). It is not only about Rainbow six Siege, but also for any Ubisoft games. 
    2. Please confirm if the status of credits purchase were blocked in your store. If it shows blocked, please don't buy credits here.
    3. 16000 credits can only be recharged every 10 daysIf you want to purchase multiple 16000 credits pack, once we recharged the first 16000 pack,  you need to wait 10 days more before next purchase

    Notification while order in processing:

    1. Please Provide Us Your Uplay Account Information: (The Uplay Account Should A Be Email Address) We Will Deliver The R6 Credits To Your Account. 
    2. Please turn off the Google Authenticator and 2-step verificationClick there to see how
    3. If you were kicked off from the game while online,  do not login back immediately and please wait 10 minutes to re-login.  We will note your order as complete if you keep kicking us off while we working on your order! Please be careful!

    How to Buy Cheap Rainbow Six Siege Credits on Rvgm.com
    First of all, you can earn Rainbow Six Siege Renown and Credits by yourself through games, it’s the best way to earn currency without expenditure, it will also train your gaming experience, kill two birds with one stone. But video games are only a tool for human to get relaxed or delighted, if you spend too much time on it which even makes you tired, you’ve gone wrong direction. The game also emphases on personal ability, sometimes one pro player can turn the table of a match, while a noob will destroy a match.
    So gamers will take a lot of time to grind their gaming skills and always easy to deviate their attention to weapons or operators, that’s very costy on Credits or Renown. Ubisoft online store provides R6 Credits Pack for gamers to buy with real money, that will simplify the game and make it more of fun. But if you want to buy Rainbow Six Siege Credits with money, the best store is absolutely the Rvgm.com. Although started with mobile phone games’ in-game currency, we have many years’ experience in trading R6 Credits and its Digital Contents. Now the products are ready for PC platform Steam, if you are playing on PS4 or Xbox One, do not buy credits from online store, there are no safe credits for console platforms I swear.
    We never sell unsafe products, and now all the Cheap R6 Credits on Rvgm.com are safe to buy and use. Rainbow Six Siege is the most popular gun shoot tactic video game, teamwork is the key point of winning. Massive operators provide a RPG like gaming experience for players. If you have played CSGO, Battlefield, or Call of Duty, you must have a try of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and get enough credits before starting your game. We promise 15m Quick Delivery for all R6 Credits, if you have any questions you can contact our Online Support service.

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