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Rainbow Six Siege available on PS5 and Xbox Series X, will feature cross-play with R6 PS4, Xbox One
Rainbow Six Siege is officially launched on PS5 and Xbox Series X, and it will feature cross-play with R6 PS4, Xbox One. That means that PlayStation 4 owners can participate with PlayStation 5 users, Xbox One and Xbox Series X players may play together.


With Rainbow Six Siege being considered one of the best first person shooter titles of the current generation, it’s not at all surprising that developer and publisher Ubisoft would want to keep its success going for as long as possible. Ubisoft had already confirmed that Siege would be coming to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but now director Leroy Athanassof has stated that it will release shortly after the consoles’ launches. In an interview with Windows Central, Athanassof explained that the plan is to have Siege release in the latter half of 2020, following the debut of the new consoles. He was unable to provide a specific date, saying that that’s dependent on when the consoles actually come out.
“The game will be backwards compatible, meaning that you can take your disc of Rainbow Six Siege on PS4 and put it in your PS5, or take your Xbox One disc and put it in your Xbox Series X,” said Leroy Athanasoff, the game’s creative director, in a Ubisoft blog post on Thursday. “What we know for sure is that we don’t want to break our community, to split our community, and we don’t want to make you buy another Rainbow 6 Siege at full price,” he added.
"This is more a discussion between Microsoft and Sony," Athanassoff said. "We would love to be fully cross-play--have Xbox players matchmaking against the PlayStation players. We are ready to support that. And hopefully, this will happen because as I said, it's a general move in the industry, and there is nothing that can prevent that. It's just a matter of time before it happens." One feature that Rainbow Six Siege will probably not introduce is cross-play between console and PC, due to the advantage that PC players would have with keyboard and mouse controls. If the game ever does add this, it would be an opt-in feature, Athanassoff said. "If you want to match with these players, to have better matchmaking, or whatever, and get your ass kicked by a keyboard and mouse, up to you," he said.
“For example, PS5 players can play with PS4 players, and Xbox Series X players can play with Xbox One players. The game will be backwards compatible, meaning that you can take your disc of Rainbow Six Siege on PS4 and put it in your PS5, or take your Xbox One disc and put it in your Xbox Series X.”
That is really good news for players in R6, because it means their purchases will move forward with then when they decide to jump in next-gen, so long as it’s in the same family of consoles. To welcome the upcoming cross-play of R6, it is a good time to stock with R6 Credits. is the best place to buy cheap R6 Credits, which can help you fully enjoy the game!
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