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Fastest Way to Make Gold in WOW TBC Classic, Burning Crusade Classic Gold Farming Tips and Tricks

Fastest Way to Make Gold in WOW TBC Classic

What are the WOW TBC Classic Best Profession for Gold? What are the best gold farming Classes WOW Classic TBC? How to make a lot of money in the Burning Crusade Classic? If you want to find the best and fastest ways to earn World of Warcraft TBC Classic Gold, then you are at the right place!
Best Professions – Alchemy, Jewelcrafting and Skinning Gold Farming in TBC
There are around 13 professions in WOW Classic TBC gameplay, including Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Herbalism, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Mining, Skinning, Tailoring, Cooking, Fishing and First Aid. So, among these professions, what profession makes the most money in WoW Classic TBC? Below is a tier list for how the different professions rank strictly in terms of making gold:
·S-Tier: Skinning, Jewelcrafting
·A-Tier: Alchemy, Herbalism, Mining
·B-Tier: Leatherworking
·C-Tier: Enchanting, Engineering
·D-Tier: Tailoring, Blacksmithing
Running dungeons over and over again can also be a fruitful way to secure some gold in TBC Classic. Mainly, you’ll want to be burning through instances with a lot of enemies like the Slave Pens or Shadow Labyrinth, so that you can ensure you’ll get as much passive gold from enemies as possible. On top of the passive gold that each enemy drops, you’ll be able to pick up some sellable items and gear that can add to your total income per dungeon. Rare boss drops that other players in your groups don’t want to hang on to can be sold for some decent raw gold, while bind-on-equip items can either be sold to vendors or listed on the Auction House for some extra gold.
Best Class to make gold
But if I need to say, 1 class, kings of gold farming in Burning Crusade, it would be Protection Paladin for sure. Paladin’s so tanky and AoE spells won’t have aoe cap like Consecration that affects underneath, Retribution Aura gives damage to all attackers, or Blessing of Sanctuary will give damages to all attackers in each block. Also, I highly suggest obtaining this shield as soon as possible if you play with a paladin for gold farming or not, “Petrified Lichen Guard” its equipping bonus is so good and it procs on every single block. You will have more aoe damage with that shield for sure. You need to level your reputation for that so better check the Wowhead link above to see how to obtain a Petrified Lichen Guard shield.
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