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Best Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build Guide: Best Necromancer Skills, Gear, Gems, and Paragon Points

A summoner of skeleton soldiers and a user of dark magic, the Diablo Immortal Necromancer is one of the most flexible classes in the game. If you're a necromancer, you're most likely not alone, and there's always an army of skeletons behind you. In this guide, we'll break down the best Diablo Undying Necromancer builds, including which skills, gear, gems, and canon points you should be using. If you need to upgrade your gaming gear with Diablo Immortal Platinum, please come to for consultation.

Diablo Immortal Necromancer Best Skill
Primary Skill:
Soulfire (Unlocked at Level 1): Throws a Soulfire ball that explodes when it hits an enemy, dealing damage to the target and 25% damage to all other nearby enemies.
(Ultimate Ability) Hungry Soulfire: Strengthens Soulfire for 12 seconds, instead of firing multiple more powerful Bone Souls that seek out enemies and deal damage. Targets that hit multiple times at the same time take 75% less damage cumulatively.
Core Skills:
Command Skeleton:
Unlock at: Level 1
Command up to four skeleton warriors to attack the enemy
Corpse Explosion:
Unlock at: Level 3
Explode the corpses of dead enemies
Wraith Form:
Unlock at: Level 15
Increases movement speed by 50% for a short time
Bone Armor:
Unlock at: Level 41
Gives defense buffs to your nearby allies
Command Golem (alternate fourth skill):
Unlock at: Level 50
Summons a giant, golem that deals massive damage to everything in its path
Best Gear for Diablo Immortal Necromancers
Desolatoria (Main Hand): Transforms a Command Golem into a Summoning Fire Golem.
Baleful Trinity (Off-Hand): Enhances Soul Fire by making it bounce, hitting additional enemies.
Visitor's Sign (Head): Increases the duration of the Command Golem
Rotspur (Shoulder): If you choose Corpse Explosion.
Linger-Mantle (Shoulder): If you have Dark Curse in your skill
Guided by Maggots (Legs): Increases the damage of your summons.
Covet Nothing (Chest): Adds a bonus to Bone Armor that deals damage to nearby enemies and increases the damage they take.
For the secondary items (hands, feet, waist, neck, and two fingers), you should look for the Shepherd's Wolves Summoning Set, as these items provide some interesting buffs to your summons.
Diablo Immortal Necromancer Best Gems
Follower's Burden: This gem increases your damage by up to 6% based on the number of summons you control.
Blood-Soaked Jade: It increases your damage and movement speed, making this game a good choice.
Freedom and Devotion: This is an important gem of our build as it extends the duration of the summons.
Seeping Bile: With this gem equipped, your attacks have a chance to poison enemies that take damage over time as the poison spreads to other enemies if the initial target dies.
Echoing Shade: With a chance to spawn a shadow clone with some of your abilities, this gem will not only give you another summon, but also help distract your enemies.
Chained Death: With this gem, the more enemies you attack, the more damage you deal, which is very useful when dealing with most content.
Where are Necromancer's Paragon Points concentrated?
Once your character reaches level 60, you'll start earning Paragon points, which will be used to progress in some generic skill trees. While the necromancer's idea is to find all nodes that increase damage, this may be difficult to achieve in the first place. So initially you should focus on upgrading the node's conqueror tree, which will increase your damage, do this until you reach paragon level 50. At this point, the Treasure Tree will be unlocked, where you can get some good nodes that can help you in your ordeal.
If you're not sure if the Necromancer is right for you, you can also look at other character builds. If you're looking for the right gear item, you can buy Diablo Immortal Gold to help you reach max character level.
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