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Roblox Blox Fruits Guide: How to Obtain the True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits

In order to defeat more enemies in Roblox Blox Fruits, players expect to find powerful weapons for characters in the game. The True Triple Katana is one of the legendary weapons in Blox Fruits. Some players want to know how to get it in the game. You can read this article and learn from the guidance. Players can use Cheap Roblox Robux to find useful items or potions that are useful for exploration in the game.
What’s the True Triple Katana in Roblox Blox Fruits?
The True Triple Katana not only deals the highest damage per click, but also serves as one of the strongest weapons to use in PvP battles or boss raids. It's swift, and it's unbelievably reliable, which makes it the go-to blade for any elite Blox Fruits player.
How to Get the True Tripe Katana in Roblox Blox Fruits
1. The first step is to obtain the three legendary swords, namely Saddi, Shisui, and Wando, from the legendary sword dealer.
2. The sword dealer spawns every six hours, and to know if he is on the server currently, you need to talk to the cafe manager.
3. If the manager says, “Hey, I just saw him! He told me he would be in the area for 15 minutes. Good luck!” then this means he is in the server, and you need to be fast before any other player buys the sword off him.
Look for the Dealer in the seven spawn locations.
4. Once the dealer is found, there is a 33.33% chance that he has one of the swords you need. Each sword costs two million, making it six million for the three swords.
5. When all three swords are obtained, get them to mastery level 300.
After getting the mastery level up, go to the Green Zone and climb the tallest beanstalk to reach the highest possible point.
6.At the top, there will be a mysterious man. Talk to him to learn the True Triple Katana Style. This will cost you two million, so make sure to have that money.
How to Upgrade the True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits
In order to upgrade the True Triple Katana, you will need to go to Blacksmith. This NPC can improve various weapons if you give him the right items. Here is the list of all materials you will have to get to upgrade your True Triple Katana:
x5 Dragon Scale - Drops from Dragon Crew Warriors and Dragon Crew Archers. You can find them on Hydra Island.
x20 Mystic Drops - Can be obtained from the Forgotten Island or Castle of the Sea NPCs.
x50 Leather - Drops from various Pirates.
The upgraded True Triple Katana deals even more damage. So, you definitely should improve it as soon as possible, especially if you plan to keep using it.
The True Triple Katana is not an easy item to get, as you will have to interact with a few NPCs and buy some expensive weapons. However, we can say for sure that this weapon is worth it and you will be able to defeat even the toughest bosses with its help. Be patient and one day you will get True Triple Katana!
Players who are interested in the True Triple Katana can follow the guidance to get this weapon in the game. And you may need Buy Roblox Robux to level up your characters and beat high level enemies in the process of quests. 
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