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Township Cash

Township Cash
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The Max Amount of Cashes Are 9800
  • Itmes
  • Price
  • Buy
  • 30000 Cashes
  • $ 6.19
  • 9800 Cashes
  • $ 3.59
  • 10000 Cashes
  • $ 2.99
Gold Coin
The Max Amount of Gold coin Are 5,000K.
  • Itmes
  • Price
  • Buy
  • 500K Gold coin
  • $ 1.99
  • 1,000K Gold coin
  • $ 2.29
  • 3,000K Gold coin
  • $ 5.99
  • 5,000K Gold coin
  • $ 9.99
The Warehouse Capacity Limited Are 26000 Grids
  • Itmes
  • Price
  • Buy
  • Add 1000 Grids Of Storehouse
  • $ 1.99
  • Add 3000 Grids Of Storehouse
  • $ 5.70
  • Add 5000 Grids Of Storehouse
  • $ 7.99
  • Add 10000 Grids Of Storehouse
  • $ 14.19
Other Toolkits
Gemstones, mining kits do not occupy warehouses, metal, forestry, construction kits need to occupy warehouses
  • Itmes
  • Price
  • Buy
  • Gems Pack Topaz 400, emerald 300, ruby, 300
  • $ 3.99
  • Mining Tools Pack 1000 of each of the three materials
  • $ 6.99
  • Metals Pack each of Gold,Seliver,Bronze,Platinum Is 400
  • $ 4.29
  • Felling Tools Pack each Of Shovels,Axes,Saws Are 500
  • $ 4.99
  • Building Tools Pack each of Glass,Pavement,Prick Is 700
  • $ 4.99
Comprehensive Package
  • Itmes
  • Price
  • Buy
  • 500K Gold coin+10000Cashes+Add 1000 Grids Of Storehouse
  • $ 4.99
  • 1,000K Gold coin+10000Cashes+Add 3000 Grids Of Storehouse
  • $ 7.99
  • 3,000K Gold coin+20000Cashes+Add 5000 Grids Of Storehouse
  • $ 16.99
  • 5,000K Gold coin+49800Cashes+Add 10000 Grids Of Storehouse
  • $ 28.99
  • 5,000K Gold coin+49800Cashes+Add 10000 Grids Of Storehouse+Mining Tools Pack+Tranl Level.Max+Any 10 Factorys Level.Max
  • $ 45.99

Township Cash

Game Info Game Description
GAME:township A unique combination of urban construction and farm experience of the game! Realize your vision and create a perfect livable town! Harvest crops, run processing facilities, and sell commodities to develop your town. Explore mines, acquire resources and collect cultural relics. Open cafes, cinemas and other community buildings to promote people's social life
Update date:December 6, 2018
LANGUAGES:Multiple languages
Official website address:https://www.playrix.com/township/

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is a free-to-play mobile farming game that you can play on Android or iOS platform with your friends. Township is a game that combines city-building and farming. Players are guided through a brief tutorial at the very beginning of the game. There are many crops to plant, facilities to process, restaurants, cinemas and other community buildings which you can open. Moreover, you can sell goods, run your own zoo and collect animals and you will be a perfect city-manager. If you are looking for something interesting, playable for all age groups and can make tons of friends on, this is the game for you.
Township Cash is the main currency that can be used to buy items and exchange resources during the process of building your town. In the Township game, you will be able to run your own zoo, grow your crops, open your restaurant, explore the mine and do a variety of stuff to build your dream town. With enough Township Coins, you will certainly have more chances to enjoy the best part of the game as well leave behind your friends.
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