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Township Money Tips and Guide: How to Get Township Cash and Coins
There are a lot of currencies in Township, such as Cash, Coins, T-Cash, Diamonds and Gold. Today, this short article is going to talk about how to make Cash and Coins in Township.


What are the types of gems? And what do I need them for?
There were 4 kinds of Gems in Township when Introduced. But after Update 6.3.2 (15 Jan 2019), Amethysts were removed from the game. At present there are 3 kinds of gems: Topaz, Emerald, Ruby. Gems can be used to:
Activate Boosters at the Laboratory.
Buy special decorations such as Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa, Leaning Tower of Pisa etc. (introduced v6.3.2, ingots before).
Exchange to other kind of gem and xp at the helicopter pad.
Gems were previously used to buy and breed animals at the zoo (removed v6.3.2).
Buying Zoo Cards at the Zoo Shop (introduced v6.3.2).
How do I get more gems?
1. Send fully-loaded airplanes. You’re guaranteed to receive one gem as a reward.
2. Explore the mine. Gems can be found in treasure chests or discovered in earth tiles.
3. Open treasure chests in your town and your friends’ towns.
4. Play at the House of Luck to win gems as prizes.
5. Take part in weekly regattas—you may receive gems as a reward.
6. Buy gems any time using Township Cash.
How to Get More Coins in Township?
Enter the game every day to receive coins as daily bonuses.
2. Fill townspeople’s orders at the helicopter pad.
3. Explore the mine. You can find coins hidden there in earth tiles or treasure chests.
4. Play at the House of Luck to win coins as prizes.
5. Load and send airplanes. You’ll receive coins for every loaded crate as well as for fully loaded cargo holds.
6. Open chests with gifts from your friends. Some of them may contain coins.
7. Help your friends in their towns. Every product you give them earns you a few coins.
8. Melt down ingots at the Mint to make coins.
9. Sell items and building materials you don’t need right from the Barn.
10. Take part in weekly regattas. You can get coins as rewards for strong finishes.
11. Buy coins at the in-game store as an in-app purchase.
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