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WOW Classic Update 1.13.7 Patch Notes: Spell batching removed, Bug Fixes and more
The WOW Classic Update 1.13.7 has been releases on April 20th (NA) / April 21th (EU), bringing some huge changes to World of Warcraft Classic! Let's see in details!


Chronoboon Displacer
·Players who complete Chromie’s quests in Andorhal can obtain an ancient artifact of Bronze Dragonflight magic.
·Use the Chronoboon Displacer to store any world buffs such as Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Warchief’s Blessing, and Spirit of Zandalar for later use.
·Click the Supercharged Chronoboon Displacer to restore your buffs with their previous remaining durations intact.
·You may not benefit from additional world buffs until you have restored any that you currently have stored in the Supercharged Chronoboon Displacer.
·Now, in Heigan's unclean encounter space, there is no area on the elevated platform that can safely resist Heigan's own mana consumption while on the platform.
·Fixed several areas in the encounter space of Heigan Unclean, where the plague waves may overlap and cause double damage.
·Some of the Guardian's combat behaviors are summoned from items such as C'thun's conquering tentacles, Timbermaw's defenders and Arcanite Dragonling, and some repairs and improvements have been made to make them more likely to participate in battle in various situations.
·Now, when the player is in the global cooldown, the oil of shadow and oil of frost can be triggered.
·Developer Note: Shadow Oil is still subject to internal cooling, which is intentional.
·Resolved an issue that caused the Barov Peanant Caller trinket to generate only 1 Peasant.
·Several issues with the "Eye of the Dead" jewelry have been solved:
·Spells such as Chain Heal and Prayer of Healing now only consume one charge.
·Now, over time, healing spells will properly consume a little cost when used.
Bug fix
·The Crypt Hunter headgear no longer lacks part of the red-eye glow effect.
·Resolved an issue that caused the Brimstone Staff and Ancient Guardian Longbow Rochdelal to fail to animate properly.
·Now, the city guard reacts correctly to the / salute and / fluctuating expressions again.
Gameplay Adjustments
·Beneficial buff priority system: Beneficial buffs are now prioritized, similarly to how debuffs have been prioritized.
·Spell batching removed: The 400ms “spell batch” window has been reduced to 10ms.
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