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Temtem Player Housing Guide: How to get your own House in Temtem
How do I get a house in Temtem? How can you obtain a house fast in Temtem? If you are interested in, please keep reading.


The Housing feature allows players to decorate a house in the neighborhoods of Atoll Row, reached via Coral Plaza located on Citerior Omninesia. All houses can be freely visited and searched for. Furniture can be purchased in Furniture Shops found in various locations.
Why get a house in Temtem?
The early access of this game is provided to find out many things, because we not only focus on collecting creatures, getting the opportunity to stay is also viable, and probably very necessary, because among the many features that Temtem brings the house is an option and We will discover below that we can inquire about it.
Temtem - how to get a house
You can visit this WIP shop once it opens to buy furniture for your house. It will definitely be interesting to see what housing looks like when it finally makes an appearance in Temtem. For now, though, you’ll have to be content with exploring the three islands currently available in the early access build. It’s also worth noting that you might not even be able to get a house until well into the game, as most sources say that you won’t be able to buy a house until you reach the island of Omninesia, where you can buy a house in Atoll Row.
1. Speak to Salamasina in Atoll Row in Citerior Omninesia. Say you want to purchase a house.
2. Go to Myreng Building in Superior Omninesia and speak to Oliana.
3. Head to Deniz and visit the hotel. Speak to hotel front desk NPC then go upstairs and interact with the TV in the room.
4. Go to the bar in Turquesa and speak to Etkli. Give him a Cerneaf.
5. Head to the Thalassian Cliffs and go into the furniture shop. Defeat the Belsoto kidnappers in battle.
6. Go back to Turquesa and head to the island just outside it to reach Minos. Speak to him and answer his questions as follows: “I am looking for a drowning man.” “A fugitive from Belsotos.” “Kalei, and (sic) engineer from MyrEng.” “Meeting a friend.” “Ektli.” “At the Arissola Palace.” “Surfing.”
7. Head to Brical De Mar and enter the school there. Speak to Headmistress Dolca. Then speak to Marcelino.
8. Go back to Arissola and talk to him near the airship dock. Fight the Belsoto agents that appear.
9. Take the airship back to Omninesia and head to Atoll Row. Speak to Salamasina and pay 30K to buy the land.
10. Go to Deniz and enter the Windward Fort. Talk to the Architect and give him the Vulor.
11. Head back to Salamasina and speak to her.
12. Go to Quetzel in Tucma and visit the Smith’s Guild. Talk to the Smith’s Guild Rep.
13. Head back to the Tucma port and speak to Manfredo.
14. Go to the Vumbi Dojo in Kisiwa and speak to Musa’s ADC.
15. Leave the dojo and head to Upinzaru. Talk to Makamba there.
16. Head back to Omninesia and speak to Makamba at the port there. 17. Answer with the following: “Do you have a map?” “Atoll Row, in Citerior Omninesia.” “…the The Canopath.” ” Watch out for the Anak Volcano.” “Yareni.” “Shuine?” “Salamasina?”
18. Go to Salamasina and speak to her one final time to receive the house key. Use the hole in the middle of the ground nearby to visit the player housing area.
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