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The Hardcore EVE Echoes Mobile Game has won 60 best-selling TOP 100 in the world

On August 13th, "EVE Echoes" was officially tested. As the mobile game version of the famous PC game EVE, it has high expectations in the core audience circle.
EVE Online has a history of nearly 14 years of operation since it was introduced to China in 2006. It is a fairly old-fashioned end-game MMORPG. The free sandbox simulation universe it shapes is also a very special existence in the MMO at the time, and it is the main PVP group. The gameplay of war and the extremely cruel death penalty, this kind of real and bold design was a sensation in the PVE-based end game at the time.
Furthermore, because of the explosion of freedom in the game, it is not the script that creates the story and history in the game, but the lively and real players. Every large-scale team battle recorded in the history of the game is a story that EVE players will talk about. This is a real society and the essential reason why EVE is so special.
1. Another "interpretation" of the Star Wars sandbox game
"EVE Echoes" is an adaptation of the game, "reduction" is a topic that cannot be avoided, and the reason why this game is unique is inseparable from its high degree of restoration of the original end game. Human cloning, race, face pinching, AI voice adjustment... When we first entered the game, some of the content that needs to be set initially gave people a familiar feeling. This is a brand new starting point, but it restores the original commands that players entered the game. A scene that people miss.
2. Probably the most distinctive MMORPG in the mobile game
The game mode of "EVE Echoes" maintains the uniqueness of the end game. Even if it is put in the current mobile game market, it is still a unique and differentiated MMORPG, but it is not so much an MMO in EVE gameplay. Game, I think it is similar to MMOSLG in the market now. Broadly speaking, "EVE Echoes" is similar to many SLG games. It is a game that focuses on PVP gameplay, and the battle with the army as a unit is the most important part of it, and it is the most important gameplay for experienced players. In mobile games, it’s not uncommon for a PVP battle to last dozens of hours, and it’s also very exciting to implement the battle on the mobile terminal. After all, it’s easier to squat with a mobile phone than a computer. At present, mobile games have taken place.
Compared with other Star Wars theme SLG mobile games, EVE this game has certain advantages based on the brand alone. The appeal of the core players of this category is naturally strong. This is due to the operation of the terminal game for many years, and the development team Its own research and development capabilities and the active promotion of products in overseas markets have played the most critical role. In fact, in the field of Star Wars theme games, "EVE Echoes" has a very big advantage and is also the leading product in this field.
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