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FIFA 21 has increased development difficulty due to COVID-19 +, adding multiple innovations in gameplay


Earlier, unwire reporters participated in the "FIFA 21" Asia-Pacific online press conference held by EA Sports. In addition to having the opportunity to learn more about the features and improvements of the new work, they also took the lead in trying out the beta version of the game for internal testing only. At the same time, the reporter and the core developers of FIFA 21 conducted an online interview, so that everyone can learn about the development details of "FIFA 21" and some of the development team's views on the game.
The difficulty of the development environment has increased, but the epidemic has not affected the progress
This year is very challenging for our development team, and it is more difficult than any previous year's development. Fortunately, our company EA Sports has responded quickly and ideally in the face of the epidemic. Everyone can adapt to the new working environment. Be a part of it and deal with problems on the job to ensure that players continue to provide the most realistic and entertaining football games. Of course, the difficulty of facing development this year has increased a lot, but in fact, there are a lot of challenges to face every year! The group has been focusing on the goal of providing the best gaming experience and building games of the highest quality. As you can see, we all stayed at home to visit this year's online conference, but even if we can't explain it in person, we still haven't diminished our sense of responsibility, enthusiasm and ideals to bring the best football game experience to players around the world.
Sam added that this year’s FIFA 21 game development is still relatively lucky, because the global traffic was blocked around March, and the development team had already captured the animation and all the required information for FIFA 21 games before Lock down, so We have handled the most difficult part in time. In the later stage, everyone only needs to stay at home to handle the animation and join the game. Although the development cycle of the game has been shortened this year, it has no impact on the development of FIFA21 games.
Popularly loved by players, Volta continues to be the main story
Ionel pointed out that I am very pleased to see that a large number of players have praised and expressed their enjoyment of joining the Volta mode for the first time last year. FIFA has always hoped to integrate "FUN" into the game experience of players. Volta, which joined for the first time last year, is based on the FIFA 11-player gameplay engine. , So we can develop and improve the Volta system more quickly. Of course, in this episode of Volta, everyone can also control familiar professional team players to compete. However, any changes in the new episode of Volta are still under development. You can tell football fans that you will be excited!
Gameplay will welcome innovation, faster response and smoother rhythm
Many players have reported that FIFA20’s AI is too strong in a 1:1 defense, and it is difficult to break through the computer’s defense at a higher level of difficulty. Sam said that the community feedback of the player group on the game has always been our most important foundation. I really hope to hear more about the feedback from players of different levels and backgrounds on the game, which can provide us with room and motivation for continuous improvement. I think that Dribbling is one of the core parts of FIFA games, and improving the player's running speed from point A to point B is not the most important thing.
Play with your friends with the new FUT Friendly Co-op
Joining Seasonal objectives for the first time in FIFA20 is a major breakthrough, and we have received support and appreciation from many players. However, as you said, after playing for a year or a half, the missions may feel a little repetitive and lose their freshness. However, there will be a major change in the new FIFA 21, adding a new co-op team mode, players can cooperate with friends to play games.
It is worth mentioning that the development team confirmed that FIFA21 will cancel some insulting and offensive goal celebration actions, including Shhh gestures that call people to stop talking.
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