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Pokemon GO Challenge Guide: Johto Collection-How to complete the Challenge&How to Catch The Special Pokemon
Johto has changed the world of Pokemon Go better, introducing Dark and Steel types, eggs, baby Pokemon, and many factors that will seriously affect Pokemon Go's own development direction many years later. In this guide, we will detail which Pokémon you need to catch at the start of the Johto Collection Challenge on January 26 and the easiest way to get them. Please read on below to learn all about this incident. Finally, it's time to carry out a collection challenge based on my favorite region, thank you. Pokemon Go will hold another large-scale collection challenge this week. This time it will feature the Pokemon introduced in the second generation, which will be set in Yamato.

Pokemon Go Johto Series Challenge: How to complete the Johto Challenge in the Pokemon Go field research tasks
Pokemon Go Johto Series Challenge
The Johto Collection Challenge is part of the Johto celebration held by Pokémon Go, which will be the Pokémon Go Tour: An event in Kanto that will be held in February. These collection challenges enable players to capture specific Pokemon during in-game events in Pokémon Go. Another thing to note about the Johto Collection Challenge is that it will mainly house the second-generation Pokémon originally from the Johto area.
There are 9 generations of 2 Pokemon for this Johto Collection challenge player. This Pokémon Go Johto area event will last from January 26 to January 31, which will increase the rate of Pokémon spawning in the area. This is the Pokémon you need to capture:
Chikorita in the wild, field research tasks and one-star raids
Cyndaquil in the wild, field research tasks and one-star raids
Totodile in the wild, field research tasks and one-star raids
Sudowoodo field research tasks-'Catch 5 Grass-type Pokémon'
Sunkern in the wild
Murkrow in the wild
Smeargle Photobombing
Miltank in the wild, field research tasks and three-star raids
Larvitar 5km eggs and one-star raids
Pokemon Go Johto Event 2021 Tips
1. Smeargle can only be found by exploding the player's Pokemon Go Snapshot photo.
2. If you are focusing on hatching 5km eggs, Larvitar may be a difficult Pokémon to find
3. These can be obtained in 1 Star Strike
4. The starting Pokémon of Miltank and Johto will also appear in the raid throughout the Johto Celebration event
5. Provides a long-range raid pass, so players can raid at home.
6. Remember, completing the field research tasks of these Johto Celebration events will enable players to receive Pokemon rewards from the Collection Challenge.
The "Collection Challenge" can be found in the "Today View", which can be accessed by pressing the site survey button (small binoculars) at the bottom right corner of the screen. You may need to scroll to the left, depending on whether you have been focusing on the current field or special research tasks.
After visiting the "Today View", you will find a list of Pokémon that you need to capture to complete the collection challenge. Catch a Pokémon in the "collection challenge" rooster and remove it from the list to help you keep track of what is captured and what is not.
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