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OSRS Beginner Money Making F2P, P2P, Best and Fastest Way to Earn Old School Runescape Gold and GP 2020
Can you make money from Runescape? What's the best skill to make money in Runescape? How to Make Money with Magic OSRS? For these questions players searching on Google, we can recognize the importance of OSRS Gold for players. So, what is the best way to earn OSRS Gold? If you want to know the answer, then you just need to follow this short article.


Let's go chopping!
After completing the tutorial head to the Grand Exchange, which is north of Lumbridge, in the northwest of the city of Varrock. At the Grand Exchange, purchase an iron axe for approximately 25 gold or keep your bronze axe from the tutorial. Then head anywhere and get to chopping. Each log can sell for 50 gold, but what's important is to level up the Woodcutting level. Cutting down trees will net some experience points for the skill and as you level up, more axes and different types of trees become available.
Killing Chickens (50k/hr)
Chickens are perfect if you are low-level and want to train combat while making some money. It's impossible to be killed by a chicken in OSRS, so don't worry about bringing food or equipping yourself with anything specific. Chickens drop feathers, bones, and raw chicken. All of these items are worth enough to justify running to the bank if you're in need of money. Feathers are used for fly-fishing and players are always willing to pay for bones to level up their Prayer. Feathers stack in one inventory slot, but bones and raw chickens will take up one slot per item, so you'll end up running to the bank often. The best place to kill chickens is across the bridge from Lumbridge Castle and up the path to the north. The chicken coop will be on the left, across from a potato field.
Tanning Cowhides (F2P Money Making)
To be able to start tanning cowhides, you will need to have at least 7 quest points or playtime of 24 hours and some gold coins. 1- Buy a good amount of cowhides from the Grand Exchange. 2- Start tanning them and sell them back to the Grand Exchange. The prices of the cowhide is usually 20~30 gold coins lower than the Soft Leather, and the price of the tanning is 1 coin per cowhide. The process of tanning one inventory takes around 50 seconds by using Al Kharid Tannery to Bank route.
Spinning Flax - P2P Money Making
Spinning flax is one of the most consistent methods of making money early on. This method requires that players reach level ten in crafting which can be accomplished easily by creating leather gear. The best way to take advantage of this method is to purchase flax from the grand exchange and then traveling to Lumbridge castle. Lumbridge castle contains both a spinning wheel and a bank which makes it easy to quickly go back and forth. This method involves using a spinning wheel to turn flax into bowstring. Flax can currently cost four gold coins at the grand exchange and bowstring currently costs one hundred and nine gold coins. These prices will allow players to turn a great profit and train their crafting skill at the same time.

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