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Onmyoji Arena Guide: How to Best Play Mouba
Onmyoji Arena Guide   Mouba Guide   Mouba Tips and Tricks   2019-07-12 08:40:43
Mouba is a tank and a nuker, a battle mage to be precise. She can effectively play as a mid laner and do okay as a jungler. It’s is also a good thing to play her as support. 


Mouba lack of mana in the toplane. She’s horrible in the toplane because every shikigami can easily counter her, specially: Kuro, kuro mujou, vampira, ibaraki doji, hououga, hannya, satori, samurai x, tanuki, yamawaro, yumekui, shishio, yuki, ryomen, puppeteer, KUSA LoL, Jorogumo, Yoto hime, Kyonshi imoto. Basically... every tank, ninja, samurai, and support can make her useless, the chance for wining the toplane is low, you can win if you’re against a super bad toplane or the enemy jungler is bad and your jungler is super good, if you have someone that know the basic against you, Mouba doesn’t have a chance clearing the lane or dealing damage, even attacking the tower can be difficult, you can easily run (if you have the ult), but it’s hard to destroy the tower, in the jungle or in the mid you can reach the lanes faster. 1 or 2 cc is a deadline, specially slows that can cancel your haste. the only cc she have to help the ally jungler gank or run away from a gank is a slow.
Actually, Mouba is way better as a jungler than a tank/toplane, after level 6, because early game she’s kinda bad, but when you reach lvl 6 you can easily help the lanes and clear the jungle, the jungle item that have the damage trigger is pretty good too. She’s good with a tank build in the bottom lane as a support or an hybrid build in the jungle. The 3 skill gives more turns to the ult.
Mouba is good against mages, except aoan and kyohime, the good thing about her is the mobility and damage based in AP, if you make her hybrid in the toplane, she’s going to lose half of the damage, she’s not going to be able to tank in the tf, and she’s not going to be able to deal a lot of damage too, her most important damage is the ult and 1 skill combo, mouba doesn’t have sustain to play in the toplane, 2 or 3 def items is enough to die with crits from the mm, in full ap at mid you can just deal damage and run, in the jungle you can do the same and help your team in the lanes, as a support you can survive enough and use the ult to trigger a shield and knock up the enemies, you can protect and save the mm, in the mid it’s not a good idea to pick when the enemy chose aoan or kyohime, in the jungle against mannedake, hone onna and yamakaze, in the bottom lane against a healer, in the toplane against all of the tanks and samurais, adc/ninja basically.
Mouba in the toplane doesn’t work at elite+, because they know how to play in each lane most of the times, and if you play in a lane that you have a big disadvantage you’re going to feed and make your team lose, even if you don’t feed the toplane, mouba as a tank can only ult, and run, if a toplane like kuro jump into your mm and mage, your poison is going to trigger the passive, kuro mujou can pull you in the toplane and give a lot of slow... hououga can pull you and give slow too.. hannya can give knock back and stun... ryomen have a dash and shield, you can just pray against him. Mouba is bad at the top because she's not a shikigami to win a 1x1 using her as a support is a good idea. but jungler/mid is better.
There are far more about her than I could say. So, I’ll stop here. Explore her more and discover and learn the rest. There’s still a lot more to learn.


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