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Lost Ark Game Guide: Striker Class and How to Build Striker Class Well in Lost Ark

Most players are fond of trying different kinds of classes in Lost Ark. Some classes are easy to start in the beginning of the game, other classes are not easy to level up in the later adventure of Lost Ark. Some players are willing to choose the Striker Class at the first place, they are willing to know more information about the Striker Class and how to build them well in the later exploration of Lost Ark. Moreover, players can try to buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold to gather more XP for characters in order to improve the levels of their abilities in Lost Ark. 
What’s the Striker Class in Lost Ark?
In Lost Ark, the Striker is a Martial Artist class that focuses on hand-to-hand combat with an elemental twist. The Striker is the male counterpart of Wardancer (our Wardancer guide here), but with some noticeable differences. The class engravings for Striker are completely different, as well as some of his skills. The Striker skillset consists of a variety of strikes but also has a really cool tiger motif in a lot of his skills. 
The Striker is another straightforward class in Lost Ark, but I wouldn’t say it is as beginner-friendly as the Wardancer. The Striker requires a lot of resource management and is overall slower and more deliberate than the Wardancer. Like Wardancer, our identity is a gauge composed of three Elemental Orbs (four Elemental Orbs with Death Blow). Striker skills will fill the gauge up to the maximum amount of Elemental Orbs we have available. We can then use Esoteric skills, which are stronger skills that will consume some of the Striker’s filled Elemental Orbs for a powerful attack.
How to Build Striker Class Well in Lost Ark
In terms of utility, the Striker really specializes in CC. This is why he's so useful in PvP. With a number of attacks that keep your enemies pinned down, you're playing an offensive role that should target healers and other squishy opponents.
The Striker's specialty gauge stacks from attacks and abilities, generating Elemental Orbs. You might see these called Chakras or energy while reading through other guides. You can store three elemental at any time, four if you use the Deathblow class engraving. These are then used up when you activate Esoteric skills, high-damage abilities that can only be activated when your Elemental bar is full or partially full.
The core identity of the Striker is based on a resource generation from his skills. Unlike other classes that fill gauge, you instead collect an orb called Estoric Orbs. These orbs fill a gauge, which you spend on super powerful basic skills. However, with the most common build, you’re going to run you will get four Estoric Orb slots, instead of the base three. Not to mention you will get a bonus amount of damage based on the level of your Deathblow engraving.
Strikers have access to 17 skills during their levelling, with three of them being Esoteric skills that use the orbs. The Awakening skills, and most Engravings that can change the functions of the class, will come after level 50, during the end-game portion of Lost Ark. Another important part of Strikers is their passive property called Back Attack, which allows them to deal more damage with their basic attacks and skills while flanking an enemy. 
In terms of stats, Strikers typically head down Specialization and Crit. Specialization is a big performance enhancer for those Esoteric skills, and it will also help you fill up your Orbs more quickly. More orbs, more damage. The Striker is pretty straightforward in this regard but has a fairly technical playstyle that won't feel straightforward in the slightest.
Players can try to learn these tips to build their unique Striker class in Lost Ark. And if you want to make him become more stronger than others, you can Buy Lost Ark Gold to unlock more good weapons for him in the game. 
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