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Lost Ark Game Guide: How to Obtain the Ladybug Mount in Lost Ark

Many players have played the Lost Ark for some time, they know that there are a lot of unique and exquisite Mounts for them to get and use. One of these beautiful Mounts is the Ladybug Mount, which attracts a lot of players’ attention in Lost Ark. While, the way to get the Ladybug Mount is not easy for players in Lost Ark. They need guidance about how to obtain the Ladybug Mount in the game. Moreover, players can buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold to collect more rare materials for leveling up some essential life skills in Lost Ark. 
What’s the Ladybug in Lost Ark?
The Ladybug Mount is one of the several 65 Mounts in Lost Ark. Each Mount is divided into its own class ranging from Uncommon to Relic Rarity.
The Ladybug Mount is quite easy to find because it belongs to the uncommon category of rarity. Rarer the Mount, the greater the abilities/skills.
There are three colors of Ladybug Mounts, Red, Yellow, and Blue. Each mount you receive prevents you from trading, selling, or disbanding it as it’s permanently a part of your account for the rest of your journey, which you can additionally check in the Mount Menu.
How to Obtain the Ladybug Mount in Lost Ark
Getting your first mount in Lost Ark is fortunately very easy, and can be acquired rather early on too. All you need to do is follow the main storyline of Lost Ark, continually completing quests until you eventually reach one titled 'Town Where Light Lingers'.
You'll be given this quest after finishing Lost Ark's prologue and venturing into the first big city. After completing it and speaking with Brother Alfael, you'll then be able to get your first mount.
Tortoyk servers as the fifth area that players will go to, meaning that before they can get to the island and obtain the Ladybug Mount, they must complete all the questlines up to this point. To reach Tortoyk Island in Lost Ark, fans must finish the main storylines in Rethramis, Yudia, West Luterra, and East Luterra. After completing the quest, "Set Sail!" players will receive their boat, granting them access to Tortoyk. The island contains five main areas and is the region where fans will likely level up from Level 38 to 42.
After you finish the main story on Luterra, you’re then given World Quests. These are marked by a blue globe icon on the map. The first World Quest takes you to Tortoyk. Follow this line of quests and you will eventually reach Mokoko Village, which is always where you spend your Mokoko Seeds. The main quest in this village will send you on a few basic errands but eventually, you will get the side quest Keep Farm From Harm.
To fulfill the second half of "Keep Farm from Harm," the player must use the Ladybug and travel north to Picopico, an NPC standing next to Mokamoka. Speak to Picopico and Mokamoka to complete the quest. As a reward, Lost Ark fans will be given a selection of three Ladybug Mounts to choose from. To register the Mount, activate it within the inventory screen. Press Alt + V to open the Mount menu to ride the Ladybug or add it to the hotbar.
Players are willing to obtain the unique Mounts in the world of Lost Ark. You need to follow the steps of quests in order to get the desired Mounts in your inventory. And you can show the unique Ladybug Mounts to other players along the way. During questing, you may need to prepare some consumes for characters in the battles, you can Buy Lost Ark Gold to equip them in order to keep healthy in the battles.
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