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How To Survive In Roblox: Natural Disaster Survival
Natural Disaster Survival   Surviving Guide   2019-03-01 09:02:26

Natural Disaster Survival is a survival game in which players must survive a disaster on a randomly chosen map. Surviving the Disasters gives you coins and experience points. Coins can be used to buy certain gears or use the Orb Machine to upgrade the gear you want. Experience points are needed to level up to buy certain gears. You can also get coins and experience points for surviving a milestone like 1000 survivals, ranking up Streak Bonuses and Bloxxing enemies and Bosses. Therefore, today, in this article, we’ll be presenting you some essential tips to keep on survive when encounter various disasters in the game.

Natural Disaster Survival


How To Get Started In Natural Disaster Survival?
In Natural Disaster Survival, there is a variety of 11 kinds disasters in total. They include tornado, flash flood, thunderstorm, fire, tsunami, meteor shower, blizzard, acid rain, sandstorm, earthquake, and volcano. In addition, there are 16 maps alltogehter. Each of them features different places.
To get started in the game, first, you’ll be dropped to the spawning area where you will have  less than 30 seconds to prepare and read the in-game advertising billboards. Then you’ll be transported to a random map of the 16 map locations and undergo the total 11 disasters. Worse still, there’s even double and thripple disaster events. Can you imagine what’s the outcome of Blizzard Storm + Sand Storm?
Pro Tips For Surviving
Of course, you won’t have ability to fight against each disaster. So it is important to learn to hide out and understand some other surviving techniques. Here are some useful tips you may wanna refer to before you play the game again.
1. Buy yourself a VIP with Robux. Being a VIP gets you a balloon when you enter the game so you have an advantage of surviving more than others. So, if you are intended to get a VIP Pass for Natural Disaster Survival, come and buy Cheap Roblox Robux at As a top online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve enjoyed great population among game community for our cheapest price and fast delivery. So,have a try!
2. If you are meet with fire, all you need to do is stand on the grass or stand on the top of a tree! As with flood, Floods, you have to go on the tallest thing you see on the map, if it falls over just jump and run to the next tallest thing that's not fallen over.
3. In the case of Tornado, try run around the edges of the map that way you have less of a chance to get swept away! For your attention, never go on high buildings since the tornado can still instantly kill you!
4. When there’s a volcanic eruption disaster, you can jump onto the volcano itself, and avoid all damage. And with Tsunami, just go somewhere higher.
5. Always take shelter inside buildings, unless it is a tsunami or flood disaster, stay on the lower levels, since if the building no longer has anything to support itself, it will be at the mercy of Roblox physics, and those inside it

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