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How To Earn Credit Fast and Easily In Phantom Forces
Credits are the main in-game currency in Phantom Forces, one of the most popular Roblox shooter games. With credits, players can unlock various cosmetics and weapons in the game. There are mainly two ways to earn credit in Phantom Forces. One is to earn credits thorough leveling up in the game, the other is to purchase credits with Cheap Roblox Robux from However, for many players, can't wait to hit that new level. If you are in the same boat, here are some tricks and tips of credits giving system that you can make use of to earn credits in Phantom Forces.

Phantom Forces Credits

The Basic Of Credit-Giving System In Phantom Forces
1. A Credit-Giving System Based On Finishing Place
Players will be given 50 credits if they finish first on the winning team
Players will be given 25 credits if they finish second on the winning team
Players will be given 15 credits if they finish third on the winning team
All other players on the winning team will receive 0 credits
2. A Credit-Giving System Based On Score
Players will be given one credit per 200 points they obtain during the round (the winning team gets 2x multipliers)
If I finish with a score of 5,230, I will receive 52 credits if I won, and 26 credits if I didn't (score of 5,230 is quite hard to obtain if you're just playing casually)
3. A Credit-Giving System Based On Kills
Players will be given one credit per two kills they complete during the round (the winning team gets 2x multipliers)
If I finish with 73 kills, I will receive 72 credits if I won, and 36 credits if I didn't (again, 73 kills isn't easy)
This is not easy to implement. However, once you’ve master this strategy, it will bring you boatloads of credits. So, you can unlock new skins and weapons. In addition, here are another effective ways to earn credits in Phantom Forces:
Do Daily Objectives For Credits
Doing Daily and Weekly bounties, especially CR bounties. These bounties will have a range of different objectives. By completing those bounties, you’ll receive both XP and CR as rewards. The amount of XP and CR will change depending on your current rank. Daily bounties will be the easiest and will give you the lowest rewards. Weekly bounties are more difficult and will take more time but will have high reward after completion. CR bounties are very hard and will take much time and effort to complete but with the reward is CR instead of XP.
To unlock CR bounties, you have to complete all weekly bounties before they reset every 7 days. After you complete all weekly bounties you will be given one CR bounty. This CR bounty is special because it will have no time limit, which means that you can stack a max of 5 so you can do multiple at once.


Buy Credits With Roblox Robux
If you are a person who are into micro transaction in the game, you can also earn credits with Roblox Robux in the in-game shop. If you lack of Cheap Roblox Robux, come to Rvgm,com, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online.
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