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Genshin Impact Beginner’s Guide: How to Make More Wishes?
In Genshin Impact, wishing is crucial for your progression. If you’re familiar with gachapon games, you should have a solid grip on what a Wish is. If you’re new, think of them as a loot box. In the game, wishes are the main method of summoning new characters. You can pay real-world money for a chance to earn your new favorite character, but there are a few in-game ways to get more Wishes. . Here are the different Wish currencies and how to farm them.

Primogems are going to be your best source of Wishes in Genshin Impact — at least past your first few Wishes, which the game basically gives you for free.
The good news about Primogems is you get them from almost everything:
*Daily Commissions (note: you can join your friends games every day to help them do theirs)
*Unlocking teleport points in the world
*The Abyss
*Completing dungeons for the first time
*High-level chests
The bad news is that you need a lot of them if you want to make a lot of Wishes. Each single Wish costs 160 Primogems, and a group of 10 Wishes costs 1600 Primogems (we recommend only doing one pull at a time). For reference, you’ll usually get 2-5 when opening a chest.
All of the activities mentioned above give Primogems, and the more you play the more you’ll get. There isn’t really a “get rich quick” scheme for Primogems unless you want to spend really money. If you do your Daily Commission and explore a little every day, you should be able to get at least one Wish during your play session. 

Acquaint Fates and Intertwined Fates
Acquaint Fates and Intertwined Fates are used for different types of Wishes. The only way to get these Fates is to purchase them in the shop, but there are a ton of currencies to sort through if you want to buy some.
You can spend your hard-earned Primogems for a Fate of any type, which will let you make one Wish. If you’re short on Primogems, you can buy Genesis Crystals with real-world money and trade those for Primogems at a 1:1 ratio.

Wishes award Masterless Stardust and Starglitter no matter what you get, and you can exchange these for more Fates in the shop. Stardust is more common, but you’re limited to 5 of each Fate type per month if you buy them that way. One Fate costs only 5 Starglitter, but this currency is a bit harder to come by. It will take a while to earn more Fates in Genshin Impact by just playing the game. If you want to speed up the process, you can always pay for Wishes outright with real-world money. It happens to be that Genshin Impact Account full of Genesis Crystals, Primogems & Mora at for Hot Sale. Whether that’s for gathering up 5 star characters (Diluc, Jean, Keqing, Klee, Mona, Qiqi, Venti & Xiao), powerful weapons (Wolf's Gravestone) or in-game currency (Genesis Crystals, Primogems & Mora). It saves your time and effort. We guarantee to you that our price will the lowest you will find. Meanwhile, we provide fast delivery, safe transaction, and 24/7 live chat to all of you! Any doubt, please feel free to contact us! Welcome!
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