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FIFA 20: Top 5 New Feature You Should Know
FIFA 20 New Features   FIFA 20 Guide   2019-06-24 08:40:55
FIFA 20 is set to launch officially on on September 27th this fall and will bring numerous new contents including street football Volta Mode, adjustments to passing and shooting mechanic, emphasis on Manual defending and more. Below, will walk you through major new features in FIFA 20.


New Volta Mode
This year, a new Volta mode will come out with the release of FIFA 20, designed as celebrating “the authentic culture, creativity, and style of the small-sided game”. Volta Football is part single-player career, part multiplayer, with a story mode path, a branch for team play, and league play involving promotion and relegation.  Volta contains a number of sub-modes, each of which is playable with male or female avatars. Volta World allows you to "build up your squad," for example, while Volta Story will see you take on the role of one player through a scripted narrative, similar to The Journey from previous editions of FIFA. Additionally, you can "take your favorite professional teams to the streets in Volta Kick-Off" or "play through Promotion and Relegation in the online Volta League." Match variants include 3v3 Rush, 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5, and Professional Futsal, where "rush" indicates a game mode that excludes goalkeepers.
AI Defending
Another big change is to computer-controlled defending. A larger emphasis and incentive will be placed on manual defending, rather than just letting the game’s AI do the job for you. EA says. To do this, they will increase the likelihood a manual tackle will propel the ball to a teammate. Automatic defending will see its overall efficacy reduced and reaction times slowed.
Shooting, and 'composed finishing'
As far as shooting is concerned,One-on-one scenarios will also be given an update in order to create more consistency, which essentially means improved finishing and what EA developers have described as "less 'superhuman' reactions" from goalkeepers.
Goalkeepers' reaction times will be reduced according to the developers.Goalies’’speed is going to be reduced to more realistic levels, and players will be forced to “commit to a direction” when controlling keepers manually.
Away from the goal, volley-crossing and volley-shooting are being checked to make them more realistic. By more realistic, of course, we mean less accurate and a little more unpredictable. 
There will also be changes to passing , particularly when it comes to accuracy, with likelihood of passing success dependent on body position, pressure situation and so on. As part of the gameplay improvements to passing, players will now be able to deploy 'dinked passes' and a 'driven pass-and-go' will be available too.
Timed Finishing
For FIFA 19, time finishing and keeper movement has been always complained by fans since its release.It has now been adjusted, with Composed finishing ensuring one-on-ones are easier, and volleyed efforts are more difficult.The timing window for green timed shots will be reduced to two frames for all shots, and they'll also be "slightly less precise." EA did, however, reassure players that green timed shots will "still be more accurate than non-timed shots."
FIFA 20 launches Sept. 27 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

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