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World of Kings Review, How to play WOK gameplay?
World of Kings is a 3D MMORPG masterpiece inspired by World of Warcraft, which is published by ZLOONG and released on May 30, 2019. You can choose a character from 4 playable races and 9 classes and join in numerous PvP options, dungeons and more, and all these characters are with distinguished characteristics. Along playing the game, you’ll level up, collect a bunch of new gear, and participate in challenging group content in both PvE and PvP. Like other MMOs, World of Kings offers a huge amount of other collectibles like mounts, pets, fashion items, and more.


World of Kings features dozens of PvE dungeons to discover that can require anywhere between 5 to 25 players to complete, each intertwined with exciting backstories and epic dungeon bosses with their own unique fighting style. Teamwork is a must to take down a dungeon boss, and the greater the difficulty, the greater the rewards. There will always be some worthwhile reward at the end of battle as players will not only be given new gear, but they can also exchange gear they don’t want for gold coins. Gold coins obtained by players will be distributed evenly across all participants.

To play well with the game, you need to protect your resources and troops:
1. Use your resources as much as you can and don't leave them piled up.
2. Never use the bag of resources if you don't need them Only use the amount you need and keep the rest of the bags unopened as bags cannot be stolen by attacking but if you open the bag and add the resource to your main resource pile it will be vulnerable to attacks.
3. Send your troops and lord to refuge when the troops are not collecting resources. Troops and lord cannot be attacked or captured if they are inside the Refuge.
Battles are automatic, as is the norm for these kinds of games. There’s a mechanic we appreciated, though: While auto attacking, you can set a skill priority. Usually in MMORPGs, the character will follow a specific skill order premade by the game, so being able to create our own rotation is pretty cool.
In contrast with most other MMORPGs on the market, World of Kings has a deep combat system that encourages resource management instead of mashing your skills as soon as they come off cool down. Specifically, there are 3 main types of resources that the classes use to power their spells, and their availability will depend on the class, in particular. These resources are rage, MP, and energy.
World of Kings Gold is unarguably the most important currency in this gameplay, which you can use to get the second legendary for your class. Another is to invest the Gold into bank space and you can use gold to get enough mounts to unlock the sixth alchemist. Players always search on google:”Where is the best place to Buy Cheap World of Kings Gold?” Today, you will find the answer. is your best choice, which is a reliable site for safe iOS & Android WOK Gold. We promise 100% products on our site are safe to buy. So, shop with confidence!
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