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Neverwinter Mod 16 Cleric In-Depth Guide: Best DPS/Healer Build, Boons, Rotations, Companions, Mounts And More
With the changes to buffs / debuff spells (i.e. removal) - a group could take an OP or SW and still get the heals, the Cleric are no longer be viewed as “absolute must” for a group. However, this class is still need and fun if you know how to right build and play it. In this Cleric in-depth guide, Rvgm is trying to cover everything you need to know about Cleric. And we also offer you Cheap Neverwinter Zen to unlock this God.
Basic Cleric DPS Build/Healer Build
Note that these builds are just basic builds that should offer a solid foundation for you to start playing in mod 16. And you should make variations based on your own playstyle and preference.

Healer Cleric

Healer Cleric

DPS Cleric

DPS Cleric

For boons, start by picking Power and HP, as those will always be useful) as well as those you cannot get through gear (Recharge speed, AP gain and so on). stay away from the dino/undead/cultist ones, as well as the potion boosters (you should not need potions anyhow), and those like Critical Chance that you can easily cap through your gear.
In addition you want 4 more good (epic or legendary) companions in the same group for the bolster bonus, and several good companions for the offense/defense/utility slots. I like Energon for a defensive slot for the 24.000 HP it gives.
For mounts, pick those that give you the insignia bonus you want. This basically means:
Gladiator’s Guile for movement/stamina
Barbarian’s Revelry for heals
Champion’s Return for heals
Survivor’s or Barbarian’s Delight (the small one) for even more heals.
Wanderer’s Fortune if you need RP
Artificer’s Persuasion if your build benefits from cooldowns
Oppressor’s Reprieve if being controlled is an issue
For rotations, well, that depends a lot on your playstyle - where you have a few options.
Arbiter for Solo play (high-crit DPS build)
Arbiter for group play (high-crit or high-CA build)
Devout pure heal for group play (somewhat boring. I consider this only suitable for masochists)
Devout heal/DPS hybrid.
As an example for rotations, here is what I use for the first one:
1. Start with at-wills to build up 6 red pips.
2. If facing a single opponent, cast FF. If facing a group of trash mobs, cast SJ. If surrounded by a group of trash mobs, backslide, to make them lose CA against me and to get them lined up, and then cast SJ
3. And yes, you should pick the feat that gives SJ a higher chance to crit)
4. You should also pick the feat that gives the pip bar a chance to fill up instantly)
5. If facing a single opponent (boss) and you got 6 yellow pips and you have decent divinity, cast BtS. If you have just a single yellow pip or 6 yellow pips against trash mobs or you are low on divinity, hit Tab and convert the pips to divinity.
6. Cast Daily (HoF) when possible, convenient and necessary. Otherwise save it for later.
7. repeat...
Hope you can get some ideas from this guide. For more on news and guide on Neverwinter Mod 16, stay tuned to
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