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Neverwinter: Legendary Hero Achievement Guide
Legendary Hero Achievement will be the most time consuming of the achievements in Neverwinter. Once you start the Elemental Evil expansion, you’ll faced up with an ample amount of story quests and daily quests to farm enough experience and finally get your character at level 70.
Getting to level 70 can be a bit of a drag, if you find yourself having a hard time keeping to the game like I did, (At least until I hit 60, then 70 was where the real fun and addiction began). unlocked within the first 4 hours of gameplay). I'll assume you're already Level 60 and have completed the main storyline quests for this guide.
Once you hit Level 60, several quests associated with the Elemental Evil questline will be available to you - these are your intended path from Level 60 to 70. Once you've defended the tree in Protector's Enclave, you'll begin the Vigilance portion. Moving through the following areas, you'll have to complete 3 sets of 8 vigilance tasks per area in order to complete the area (which I would recommend doing, these quests do provide gear that will be useful to you as you move toward L70). You'll want to complete these areas in this order Drowned Shore -> Reclamation Rock -> Fiery Pit -> Spinward Rise.


1. If you're not in a hurry to start seeing new content, just wait for one of the many Double XP weekends that this game has. We've already seen several, and once the content is a bit older, we'll almost certainly be seeing another experience multiplier (once Perfect World isn't making cash on their paid experience boosters ).
2. Related to the first point - keep an eye out for other promotions. From September 8 - 22, 2015, you could receive a free level's worth of experience (as well as a free artifact) by visiting the Claims Agent in Protector's Enclave (to the west of Lord Neverember's Chamber, opposite where Sergeant Knox posts up). Similar promotions will likely take place in the future, so keep an eye out.
3. Make sure all of your utility slots are equipped with Azure Enchantments - these will increase the amount of experience awarded for your actions. Just slot whatever the most cost-efficient ranked enchantment you can afford is - I personally used Rank 6's, but obviously the higher the rank, the faster you'll level up.
4. Get a leveling buddy - many of the vigilance quests require you to kill X amount of enemies, and your party members' kills will also count in most cases (provided you're close enough when they make a kill). From my experience, this works best in smaller groups so that you can coordinate which quests and areas you're going to visit most effectively - I'd recommend groups of 2 or 3.
5. While it may seem tempting to level in the highest level area you can currently, most of the vigilance quests reward pretty similar amounts of experience. If you're having trouble with enemies in an area, try dropping back to an earlier area. Chances are that you'll get more experience just from moving through the quests faster.
Equipment - At level 60 you could have upwards of five equipment pieces that have 'Utility' slots on them. "Azure Enchantments" offer an experience boost when placed in the 'Utility' slot. You can stack as many as your equipment will allow. The higher level of the enchantment obviously yields a higher amount of bonus xp percentage.
6. Premium Boosts - if you don't mind dropping real currency, you can purchase experience boosters with Zen if you so choose. You can buy Cheap Neverwinter Zen right from However, there is a cheaper alternative to leveling faster.
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