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Lost Riches Event Free Pet Guide: How to Get A Free Pet In Genshin Impact, Free Event Pet
Genshin Impact's upcoming Lost Riches Event not only brings a lot of free Primogems, Mora and character experiences, but also enables players to unlock free pets. Finally, Genshin Impact fans can accompany their companions to roam the world of Teyvat. A total of 3 pets are a discount, and only one of them can be claimed in the Lost Riches Event of the game. One of the new features is the first pet in the game, so you can get this pet for free.

You can get a free Mini Seelie pet from Lost Riches event in Genshin Impact   
How to get a free Pet/free Seelie in Lost Riches event
Now, the Lost Riches Event has been broadcast live on all servers and will continue until 4 AM server time on January 22 (Friday). Therefore, strive to obtain all rewards on or before January 21 (Thursday). To start the event, go to the Shimen in Mondstadt to border Li Yue and talk to Ullmann.
l In the Stone Gate area, talk to Ulman and check event information.
l On the event page, check the location of the treasure map in Ullmann’s Treasure.
l Go to the buried treasure location indicated on the map.
l Once you get close to the treasure, it will start to glow.
l Then, you will get talented iron coins.
l After finding all 14 treasures, you can choose one of Mini Seelie pets: Dayflower, Rose and Curcuma.
When you approach the buried treasure, your Mini Seelie will glow, and when you approach the top of the treasure, the treasure will be marked with a lighthouse. You can see this operation in the image above. Collect all the buried treasures in each location to collect iron coins and unlock the next area.
Iron coins are the currency used in the Lost Riches event store. You will need 280 coins to buy your own permanent mini Seelie pet. You can choose from blue, pink and gold Mini Seelie, but like beginner Pokemon, you can only choose one of these three, so choose wisely.
You can also buy up to 200,000 Mora, 20 blue weapon crystals, 10 purple character XP cards and 300 Primogems from the Lost Riches event store. You need 760 iron coins to completely buy out the Lost Riches event store. If you clear all the treasure areas every day, this will be easy to do. I was able to clear the first area in a few minutes, so it was not difficult.
Although the Lost Riches Event will end on January 18, the event store will remain open until January 22 and will ask for "free pets" from the store. Therefore, players need to make sure to browse the content of the event before it expires on January 18. After that, players have an extra few days to decide which of the three potential free pets to receive. If you want to improve your game experience, you can buy Genshin Impact High Level Account on
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