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How to get Wraith Knife in Apex Legends: Wraith’s Heirloom Guide
How do you get the Wraith knife for free in Apex Legends? How do you get heirlooms in Apex legends? Do you want to find answer of these questions? Then, follow our short article.


What is Wraiths Kunai?
Respawn Entertainment seems to hide a lot of exclusive and rare items for players to find in Apex Legends. One of these items is Wraith’s Kunai knife, a fabulous-looking melee item that any Wraith main will surely want to get their hands on.
Wraiths Kunai is part of the heirloom set available in Apex Legends. It features three unique items — Wraiths Kunai, a banner pose showing the Kunai, and an intro quip soundbyte — that can be equipped to wraith to customize her look and sound. Each legend will eventually have its own set of heirlooms, but for now, only Wraith has them. It is important to note that the Kunai does not change your attacks in any way. It is purely a cosmetic item, replacing Wraith's normal melee attack with one that looks way cooler.
How to get the Wraith Knife?
Acquiring the Wraith Knife is not an easy task to accomplish. According to Respawn, the company behind Apex Legends, the probability of unlocking the Wraith Knife is less than 1%. Since the Wraith Knife is a part of the Heirloom set, you can only unlock it by opening Apex Packs. If you’re in luck and your Apex Pack does contain the Wraith Knife, you will also receive two other Heirlooms alongside it. The additional Heirlooms are the Banner Pose and the Intro Quip. To put things into perspective, for every 500 Apex Packs that you open, only one of them could contain the Heirloom set. With that in mind, the only way to unlock the Wraith Knife skin is to open as much Apex Packs as you possibly can and hope for the best. Your chances are extremely thin if you’re not willing to spend money on Apex Packs. The following section will show you why.
And once the Override Collection Event starts on March 3rd, 2020 you will be able to obtain the Wraith Heirloom a bit differently. Instead of just getting Heirlooms in the order of their release in a random Apex Pack, you will now obtain Heirloom Shards. Once you open a pack with these in them, you can then purchase one of the available heirlooms (Lifeline, Wraith, Bloodhound, or Octane).
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