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How To Beat Hard Level 25, 26, 27, 28, 19 In Gardenscapes
Gardenscapes is an addictive match-three puzzle game where players will complete challenging match-3 levels and earn stars to fix up their neglected garden and rebuild their dream garden.  Everything from cleaning the ground to changing benches to decorating the garden requires stars and many tasks will require more than one star. Therefore, your goal here is to level up as higher as you can and earn stars.


At the beginning of the same, it is easy for you to rank up. However, it becomes harder and harder as you progress through the game. For most starters, Gardenscapes level 25 and above levels could be a small milestone for beginner gamers. Let’s see how to beat level 25 on gardenscapes without using a single booster, along with level 26, level 27, level 28, level 29.
How To Beat Gardenscapes Hard Level ?
Level 25:Find 26 Gnomes
Clear up some boxes and unchain some fruit before using a bomb.
Only explosions will set the chained Rainbow Blasts free.
Try to make combos near the bottom of the board, then clean up the top at the end.
Use the Rainbow Blasts on the most common items that appear on the leaves.
Level 26Collect 55 Acorns
Collect Acorns with combos or explosions.
Clear one side of the board, then the other.
Use rockets to clear awkward acorns.
Use the Rainbow Blast to clear the board or the most abundant item, or an item that is abundant and next to acorns.
Level 27Collect 40 Acorns and Find 5 Gnomes
Clear the boxes, then the leaves.
Don't worry about big combos until the board is more open.
Don't waist a turn using bombs that doesn't uncover any leaves.
Save bombs and try and move them to where you need it.
Level 28Collect 110 Berries
Think about unchaining the berries.
Use bombs to break the chains.
You don't have to use the Rainbow Blast on the berries, you can clear the board instead (if you have a lot of spare turns).
Level 29Collect 6 glasses of Lemonade
Combine the two Rainbow Blasts together.
Don't follow the games advice all the time, especially if its telling you to make a match-three high up the board.
Stay patient, you need to not waste a single turn, if you want to complete the level with any to spare.


General Tips On Match-3
play strategically in Gardenscapes game, you will come across tricky stages as soon as you reach Level 8. It is important to think one step ahead in the game so that you can reach advanced levels swiftly. Do not rush through the levels; take your time by examining the board and try to match more than three in a chain. If you wanna rebuild your garden faster without any endeavor, then why not come to for Cheap Gardenscapes Coins? You can enjoy the cheapest price here.
Use The Rainbow Blasts At The Right Time. It must be really tempting to use the rainbow blast that is highlighted on the board. However, using it at the right time will be the best choice. For instance, you can use the rainbow blast for getting a gnome out of the corner of the board.
Finally, when all else fails, focus on making matches near the bottom of the board so you get more chains and new tiles to work with. Aim for large chains and explosions whenever possible. If you start with a small board with lots of obstacles, focus on opening the board up so you have more tiles and thus, more opportunities for chains.
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