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WOW Classic: Reasons Why Players Choose more Horde than Alliance While play World of Warcraft Classic
World of Warcraft can be said to be an extraordinary MOBA game for Chinese players in the 1980s. Back then, the slogan for Horde could be said to be resounding in various Internet cafes across the country. So today, 20 years later, many players who look back will have a sincere question: Why are there more Horde players than league players? I have heard that because I want to challenge a race that is different from reality in the game. But in fact, I think this is definitely not the only reason for racial rarity.



Because the mission line is different, the values behind the mission line are also different
At least in the 60s, World of Warcraft emphasized racial lines. For example, the human mission line is conspiracy and betrayal, the dark forces under the cover of prosperity, and the light of hope bred in the predicament, and all this culminates in the Marshal's exposing the Black Dragon Girl conspiracy.
Among them, the degeneration of the Brotherhood of Masons into the Defias Bandit is embarrassing. The strength of the Westfall militia and the short-sightedness in rejecting the Redridge Mountains are particularly regrettable. The beautiful scenery of the Redridge Mountains is a relaxing and romantic little love story and the Blackrock Orcs are close at hand Creating a strong sense of despair in the disputed territory, the only comforting thing is that Yese Town has resolutely sent reinforcements to Redridge Mountain after experiencing various conspiracies. All of this has nothing to do with lightness and joy. I didn't want to go down even after I was leveling several times. I was full of the kind of weakness struggling in the mud.
The elves are too, the hidden pollution is lingering, dark power is invading reality from the dream, and the dark tide seems to be surging in the upper level, and a catastrophe may destroy everything beautiful in front of him at any time. Only Dwarves and Gnomes have relatively easy and pleasant mission lines, but relatively few people choose these two races
Horde is always full of vitality
But the style of painting on Horde's side is completely different. The vast barrens ran for joy, hunting and gathering to protect their homes, and the newly opened areas have orcs, trolls and tauren closely united under the banner of Horde, striving for survival. . The Burning Blade clan and the Grimtotem are still members of Horde. The united Horde firmly occupies the Barrens. The Stonetalon Mountains and Dustwallow Marsh in Ashenvale have strong strongholds in Horde. The Grom'gau Camp is even more directly pointed by Horde. A spike on the old road.
Thrall boss always discovered the internal contradictions in advance and eliminated the problem in the bud inadvertently. Under his leadership, all the difficulties in front of the freshman Horde were solved, and everything in the pioneering period appeared to be thriving. Every time I do a task, I feel so relaxed and happy that I can’t help running when I first arrive at the Danxia landform like a barren land.
As for the undead, they are simply a wonderful race that wants to experience the opposite feeling, and the theme is only revenge! Revenge and allegiance to the Queen regardless of means. The undead hated all the living and most of the dead, and they were also guarded by Horde's other races. It can be said that it is exactly the opposite of Horde’s other races, and it is particularly playable.
It's pure inertia now, and the concept of race has gradually weakened since the 70s, and the mission lines of the Germans and blood elves are fragmented. In the 80s and beyond, the task was weakened into a novice guide. The difference between Horde and Alliance was basically the same, and the race gradually became no different. But if you want to join Horde and become an orc, quickly buy World of Warcraft Classic Account to start the game! You will not be disappointed!
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