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World Of Warcraft News: WOW Legend World Jarod Nandin Had Passed Away, Because of COVID-19
In the past few months, many people from all walks of life have been affected by the pandemic, and the gaming community is no different. It is reported that due to the complexity of Covid-19, Jarod Nandin, the idol of World of Warcraft, has passed away. Jarod Nandin "NWBZPWNR", aka The South Park Guy cosplayer from BlizzCon 2013 was affected 18, December 2020. Although situation is serious, but he was always optimistic and told jokes.

Jarod Nandin wad died of COVID-19
In addition to his sense of humor, Jarrod is also an avid fan of World of Warcraft. He is proud of giving others the courage to role-play. He shaved his head six times and portrayed the name of South Park in various ways. In an interview with Los Angeles Weekly, he talked about the power of inclusiveness and role-playing to bring people together. He is an avid fan of "World of Warcraft" and talked about the positive impact of the game in Blizzard's "Looking for a Group" documentary. A memorial fund has also been set up on GoFundMe for those who are interested in donating.
Nandin revealed his condition to friends and family on Twitter on December 18. He passed away a few days later after officially testing positive. Many people in the World of Warcraft community know that Nandin faithfully reproduces one of the most notorious jokes in South Park history, and this move has won him the love of many WOW players.
Jarod Nandin-- South Park Season role Cosplayer
Nandin shined during BlizzCon 2013, playing the role of a "World of Warcraft" gamer ("That There Is No Life"), and became too powerful in the episode "Sex, Not Warcraft" in South Park Season 10. South Park not only cheated in some ways and made progress towards new players, but also ended the incident by observing the player's real-life version (sitting in a chair in front of the computer).
When Nandin participated in BlizzCon role-playing in 2013, he was very satisfied with fans of World of Warcraft and South Park. Nandin liked this look very much, he quickly stood out from the fans and became the de facto "South Park Guy" because he would shave the top of his head to complete the ridiculous look. Because although this may be a way to make South Park fun, Nandin has taken it to a new level and restored its appearance in an interesting new way.
An optimistic WOW acid Fan and a warm friend with other WOW players -- Jarod Nandin
In fact, Nandin represents a kind of WOW players, even all game players in the world want to express a kind of happy emotion conveyed by the game. Have fun in time and optimistically face some things that cannot be changed in real life. In fact, the most sad thing about this is that the epidemic has not been well controlled, and it is constantly taking away the people we care about and like. Although Nandin's death makes everyone feel sad, RIP, we still have to continue to face life optimistically. Because the game is not only difficult to upgrade, but also fun to work together with your partners! If you want to let your friends play together, has the cheapest WOW Account For Sale in the entire network.
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