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V4 Beginner’s Guide – The Best Tips and Tricks for Starters
V4 is developed by Nat Games, a well-known South Korean game production company, and released globally by Nexon, the largest South Korean game company. "V4" was officially launched in South Korea on November 6, 2019. Then it welcomed its global release on July 22, 2020. Last year, Nexon announced that it was rolling its mobile MMORPG V4 over to Korean PC players. Now, it’s making eyes at the rest of the world, including the west, where it’ll land on PC, Android, and iOS. The game has lots of content that could seem confusing to newcomers. To help you quickly adapt to this game, we prepare a handy beginner’s guide for you to refer to!


Choose The Class That Suits Your Play Style
At present, the global version of V4 only has 6 classes for players to choose from. In fact, It provides more than enough choices and each of the classes is designed to have offensive skill sets, which makes it difficult to choose which class. In truth, each class can stand on his or her own and will do well as a member of a team as well. For the main difference,it can be attributed to close combat or long-range combat experts.Beginners typically ask the question“which one is the best class among the given classes” . In fact all classes are created loosely, and this is just a matter of the most consistent with your preferences and game style. Choosing the most suitable is the best!

Go Through the Main Quests
Similar to many other games, most features in V4 are locked in the story progression. Although this is almost self-evident, we want to express the importance of completing these story tasks as soon as possible. In other words, you should focus on these tasks from the beginning and only stop when you need to upgrade or when you need to grind.

Check Your Current Map Status Always
When playing V4, one important thing you need to think about is that this game is designed to have world PvP, which means that you may be attacked at any moment if run around in certain maps. Therefore, whenever you arrive in a new area, check the text above the minimap to understand the PvP status.The map can be calm, conflicting or hostile. If it is the latter two, then opening PvP may be attacked by anyone. If you don't want to take risks, just chill in calm maps. However, you will eventually need to venture into hostile territory soon, so prepare accordingly.

Turn Off Auto-Activate of Demon Hunter Skills
The last thing about skills is that once you unlock the Demon Hunter transformation, you can deactivate the automatic use of skills. Of course, the DPS will increase dramatically when you use the transformed skills, but you will need to keep this feature when you really need it. However, if you set them to activate automatically, your character will always use them once the ability is charged, which may waste its effect and trigger a longer cooldown.Also, if you have only spent a few hours, you can enable this feature activated so that your character can kill faster in a short period of time.
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