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Pokemon Go Fest 2019 Announced, Here’s Everything You Should Know
Pokemon Go Fest 2019 Guide   2019-06-12 08:40:02
Attention, Trainers! Pokémon GO Fest 2019 is almost here and it’s bigger than last year’s gathering, spanning four days of candy-grinding fun!This year, Pokemon Go Fest 2019 is set to take place June 13 to 16 in Chicago. Here will walking you through all the latest details on Pokemon Go Fest 2019.

Pokemon Go Fest

Pokemon Go Fest 2019
Pokemon Go Fest 2019 features new elements: Battle Arena and Trading Outposts. As with Battle Arena, it capitalizes on the Player vs. Player feature Niantic introduced in December. It features 16-player tournaments throughout the day and participation tickets will be handed out at team lounges. Each tournament is based on the Great League ruleset and a best of 1 format.
The outposts allows trainers to trade their pocket monsters. During the event, trainers will have “increased Special Trades and reduced Stardust costs for trading!” Five special trades will be allowed for the day. The trades will be allowed throughout Grant Park but the outpost is for those looking for trades.
Pokemon Go Fest 2019 Cities and Dates
June 13–16: Pokémon GO Fest Chicago
July 4–7: Pokémon GO Fest Dortmund
To be announced: Pokémon GO Fest APAC
Badge, Quest, And Clothes
The design of this year’s badge is almost ready to be distributed.
New Quest: Make a new friend
New shirts exclusively for the event
Go Fest 2019 Special Research Quest
Battle another Trainer
Take {x} snapshots of Jirachi
Take a snapshot of Ralts in its GO Fest habitat
Take a snapshot of Ralts in the Fairy Garden
Take a snapshot of Gastly in its GO Fest habitat
Take a snapshot of Gastly in the Spooky Woods
Take a snapshot of Hippopotas in its GO Fest habitat
Take a snapshot of Hippopotas in the Sandy Desert
Take a snapshot of Snover in its GO Fest habitat
Take a snapshot of Snover in the Winter Forest
Take a snapshot of Horsea in its GO Fest habitat
Take a snapshot of Horsea at the Water Fountain
Take {x} snapshots of Fairy-type Pokemon
Take {x} snapshots of Ghost-type Pokemon
Take {x} snapshots of Ground-type Pokemon
Take {x} snapshots of Ice-type Pokemon
Take {x} snapshots of Water-type Pokemon
Trade for 3 Pokemon from at least 100 km away
Special Research: Jirachi


Meanwhile, the ‘story’ sees a Pokemon in deep slumber, with research featuring ancient text containing the story of a Mythical Pokemon “that grants wishes”. Sounds like Jirachi all right.
As with tickets, players will have to spin a stop to activate their virtual ticket and participate in activities related to Pokémon GO Fest 2019. Those who didn’t get the tickets won’t be left out and will have their own challenges and tasks to complete. We’ll have to wait a few more days for that information to be announced or found in the game’s update though — stay tuned to, a profession online in-game currency store for Cheap Pokemon Go Coins.
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