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Plants VS Zombies 2: What? There are plants in PVZ 2 that can directly destroy giants and zombies, no wonder I always fail to pass levels
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In the third day of the chase of Plants vs. Zombies II Penny in the hard mode, in this level, the game scene is a huge wave beach. And in this level, there are deep-sea giants, and the zombie order is all third. So how should we clear the level?
So next, let's talk about Penny's third day of chase difficult mode.

1. Game scenario analysis
In the third difficulty mode of Penny's pursuit, the game scene is a huge wave beach. And we found that there is a line in the scene.
The reward rule is that we need to prevent zombies from stepping on the flowerbed.
In other words, as long as we prevent zombies from breaking the Penny shield, we can successfully pass the level and get rewards.
2. Protective plant formation
Before the Penny shield is activated, we need to plant a wall of nuts to resist the invasion of some zombies.
We plant the lotus leaves on the water first, and leave a few kinds of lotus leaves empty.
The purpose of this is to make room for planting.
● Protective planting method
For planting protection, I often use the nut wall. If we have holographic nuts, we can use holographic nuts to grow plants.
We have to beware of the invasion of fisherman zombies, which can pull plants directly into the water.
3. Countermeasures against fisherman zombies
The most common method I use to deal with fisherman zombies is to use the energy bean ult.
Use melee plants to attack and plant energy beans on melee plants (Caiwen).
The melee plant's ultimate attack can wipe out the surrounding zombies.
● Use explosive plants
We can also use explosive plants to fight against fisherman zombies.
My magma guava has been upgraded to Tier 3, and I often use magma guava as my explosive plant.
The magma guava is also my killer
4. Plant guide thistle
In this level, I chose the guide thistle plant.
During the clearance process, I discovered that Guide Thistle can attack lurking zombies without being affected by lurking.
The attack method of the guide thistle is similar to the timothy, which shoots sword leaves to attack the zombies.
● Advantages of guide thistle
Guided thistle can attack full-screen zombies, and its attack range is unlimited.
Its ultimate attack is to launch energy sword leaves, and its attack strength is also very powerful.
5. Protect the Penny shield
During the clearance process, we have to protect the Penny shield of this level.
There are a lot of zombies in this level, and magma guava can be planted when energy beans are too late.
The difficulty mode is Tier 3 Zombies, and in this level, the plants I choose are also Tier 3 overall, so they are almost the same in terms of level, and it is easier to fight against.
● Enhanced defense
You can plant another row of protective plants on the right side of the Penny shield.
The purpose of this is to reinforce the protective effect of the protective shield, so that it is not easy for zombies to break the protective shield and prevent the zombies from moving.
6. Quickly solve the octopus zombies
In this level, octopus zombies also appeared. Octopus zombies can throw octopuses to tie up plants so that they cannot attack.
So in this level, dealing with octopus zombies is also very important.
● Winding plants against octopus zombies
Use winding water plants to deal with octopus zombies, winding water plants can drag the octopus zombies into the water, but in this level, I did not choose to wind the water plants.
So in this level, I used magma guava or energy beans to attack.
7. Deal with the giants of the deep sea
Deep-sea giants are unique giant zombies in the beach of giant waves, and dealing with it is the same as dealing with giant zombies in other worlds.
The most common way to deal with giant zombies is to use Caiwen's ultimate move and magma guava to attack.
This is my most common method against giant zombies, and it is also a more practical method.
● Charged grapefruit
There is also a kind of plant, the charged grapefruit, which can kill giant zombies in seconds with its ultimate attack.
Finally, prevent zombies from entering the flowerbed, and successfully resist the zombie invasion to successfully pass the level. If you find you are not capable of holding all of these Plants, come to We are the best PVZ 2 Gems Coins Shop with 24/7 service, and we promise our product is 100% safe.
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