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Here’s A Neverwinter Master of Demogorgon Achievement Guide
Master of Demogorgon Achievement is one of the most difficult achievements for high level players, which task you to kill the secret boss “Demogorgon”. You have to get a 2500 level to unlock the achievement. Assuming you’ve already ranked to item level 2500, in this guide, will present you some advanced strategies when you dealing with this tough monster. And if you wanna buy Cheap Neverwinter Zen, you can also visit our website.


Unlock Epic Demogorgon
Use the Campaigns menu, you can "Process Faerzress" once every 18 hours using the currency of the same name that you earn from completing skirmishes, raids, and encounters in the new Underdark content. Running the task ten times will enable access to the "Unlock Epic Demorgorgon" task. You can queue for Epic Demogorgon once the task is unlocked from anywhere at any time, however you'll need a 2,500 item level. After that you must have 2,500 item level!

Fight Demogorgon

Phase One:

The Paranoid Delusion enemies do not fill the completion bar, so never concentrate your attacks on one. They don't hit hard, so you can usually ignore them. Try to only close epic (huge purple ones) or rare (medium blue) rifts. Ignore the smaller green rifts, as the small reward they give is not worth the time it takes to kill the enemies relative to purple or blue. Remember to lure all enemies to a communal area where the DPS classes are. It'll greatly increase damage due to Combat Advantage with everyone together, and also let support classes easily buff and debuff everyone at once.

Phase Two:

The second stage of the fight, Goristro, is more difficult. There is now only 1 golden portal on the walls instead of 2. If you do not have enough DPS as a group to kill Goristro without using the portals, make sure you know where the golden one is at all times. If you miss and hit one of the 3 black portals, you will need to lure him into a golden one 4 more times to offset the healing Goristro receives from a black portal. You can ignore the Paranoid Delusions. Keep in mind that once Goristro has taken a bit of damage, stalactites will begin to fall from the ceiling (similar to Lostmauth). There will be tiny red circles on the ground indicating they are going to fall, and they hurt, so try to avoid them.

Note: Apparently this stage of the fight can glitch and be skipped. If it's skipped, it will be like you didn't get any medal on it from what I've heard, and make Gold impossible to achieve. I'm not sure what causes it (it's never happened in the 10+ runs I've done), but some people say it happens if you attempt to enter the arena before the boss has spawned in and you see him. It's best to wait at the blue barrier until you can clearly see Goristro in the arena.

Phase Three:

The third stage is still the same; simply kill Demogorgon. Remember to equip and use your Lanterns whenever you can for the damage boost.

Finally, team composition is really important in boss fights and raids so find people who compliment your class to queue with. There's always many of them shouting in zone chat. If you're support, invite DPS, if you're DPS, invite some support. If no one is shouting, shout.

Utilize your teammates by improving their effectiveness. Be sure to turn on any class abilities, encounter powers, or use any gear that boosts damage or defense of allies to improve your chances of success in group activities. In the video I am using Anointed Army, Divine Glow and Empowered Break the Spirit to bolster allies' defense and increase their damage against the bosses -- these three spells alone greatly increase the group's survival and DPS.
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